[Talk Summary 5] Two Case Studies in Semantic Inference

Dipanjan Das from Google presented the talk "Two Case Studies in Semantic Inference" on October, 14, 2016. He performed the two different semantic inference tasks. The first one focuses on the structure of natural language questions. And, the other is about more unstructured forms.

Firstly, Dipanjan described a method for parsing natural language questions to logical forms. These logical forms can be softly mapped to the information stored in the structured knowledge base. And then the system matches the forms (sub-graphs) from knowledge base to Question Answer mechanism. In the semantic parsing process, he presented a Dependency Parser that extract sentences' structure, and DepLambda to parse into logical forms, which is based on lambda calculus. 

Dipanjan carried out an empirical study to compares DepLambda techniques to other baselines. He showed that DepLambda, in two test collections, performs better than Simple Graph, CCG Graph and Deptree.

In the second part of the talk, Dipanjan shared the motivation about finding relevant sentences without representing them into a specific model such as vector model with heavy weight. He presented two semantic inference tasks for more free forms of language to calculate the similarity between sentences. The idea is a simple attention-based approach to text similarity that is trivially parallelizable. The first task he used decoder recurrent neural network, and applied decomposable attention in the second task.

For example, the best matches of two sentences "in the park alice plays a flute solo" and "someone playing music outside" are (park, outside), (alice, someone), (play, playing), and (flute, music).

The empirical results on Stanford Natural Language Inference Corpus showed that although with a simple approach without global sentence-level representations, his systems received the better results compared to other top systems.

NOTES: you can google these two sentence and see the results
"oreo hard drugs study"
"toyota prius how to operate gas tank"

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